Old prints of Val Gardena - Gröden

Val Gardena, Gröden, Gherdëina has its roots in garden, wardein an old Indo-European name for pasture.

Val Gardena prints

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Trostburg in Waidbruck - Wolkenstein >castle

Waidbruck the entrance to the Valley under the majestic Trostburg a Wolkenstein castle.

A romantic view in an etching by I.G. Martini 1836

The hunters castle of Wolkenstein by Seelos

<"Schlossruine Wolkenstein.Verlag u. Eigentum v. Franz Unterberger in Innsbruck.Gottf. Seelos gez. u. lith. - Farbendruck v. Reiffenstein& Roesch in Wien"

Ciastel de Val - Schloss Wolkenstein im Langental


Castel Fischburg

This is castel Fischburg a hunting castel 16th century build by the Wolkenstein Family and now owned by barone Franchetti from Venice. You pass it by on the skiing slope from Ciampinei.

"Ansicht von St. Chritina und dem Schlosse Fischburg im Thale Groeden. In Oel gem. v.Ioh. Mosmair, und zu haben in dessen Cur.Handlg. in Botzen - Auf Stein gezeichnet von Ioh. Mart. Benz."


Beautiful view of Ortisei and Seceda from the Pinei pass as lonely travellers could admire it at those times entering to the Urtijei bowl.

Grödner Thal. (:Botzner Kreis in Tyrol:) Ant:Hansch del. - K.k. ausschl:priv:Chromolithographie von Alois Leycum in Wien. - Jos. Zahradniezek lith."


Gherdeina from the Pinei pass

Creek in Val Gardena

The "Dursan" creek, an old maybe celtic name for Val Gardena.

"Nach einem Aquarell von Hermann Krabbes. Choromotypographie von Fisher &Wittig in Leipzig"

St. Ulrich - Urtijei and Seceda 1840

Eberle engraver after a drawing by August Podesta, painted by J. Moroder Lusenberg

Urtijei  engraved by Podesta and painted by Joseph Moroder Lusenberg

St. Ulrich Urtijei Ortisei by Johann Burgauner

St. Ulrich Urtijei 1856 in a splendid lithograph after a drawing by Johann Burgauner commissioned by J.B. Purger. One of the most affluent merchants in town, builder of the street to Waidbruck - Ponte Gardena, he asked the artist to omit the drawing of two barns in front of his houses to make them appear more elegant. Josef Moroder Lusenberg completed the view of St. Ulrich by adding the two barns on an other copy of this litho.

Johann Burgauner (1912-1891) was director of the local art school and is known for his altarpieces and portraits of wealthy Val Gardena merchants.

Selva -Wolkenstein in 1863 published by Gilbert and Churchill: the Dolomite mountains.

Wolkenstein -Selva di Val Gardena

Langkofelgruppe - guppo del Sassolungo - Sasslonch - Gilbert and Churchill 1863

The Langkofel in 1863 published by Gilbert and Churchill: the Dolomite mountains

Fermeda - Odle- Geisslerspitzen  Ernst Platz

The discovery of the Dolomites and their peaks - on the Fermeda

Am Grat des Fermedathurms in den Dolomiten - Nach einem Aquarell von Ernst Platz1896




Schlittenrennen in Wolkenstein Gröden - Slitte  a Selva Val Gardena

Sleds in Wolkenstein -Selva 1882 (detail)

"Das Schlittenrennen im Grödner Thal (Tyrol). Nach einer Skizze von A. Härting"


A pleasing detail showing how delicate a woodcut can be.

Wolkenstein - Selva Val Gardena

Sleds at Dosses 1896

Beautifully carved sleds in winter and on holidays people of Val Gardena used to ride on.

Also at those times there where days set for leisure and recreation

Pferdeschlitten in Gröden - Carnevale in Val Gardena

Rodeln vom Grödner Joch - slittare dal Passo Gardena - sluese dal Pas de Frea

The beginnin of winter sports

in the background the Murfreit towers detail

After a photograph by Emil Terschack. Emil Terschak lived and worked in his Photo-laboratory in our house Rusina until 1900 when he moved to Cortina d'Ampezzo.

"Der Rodelsport in Gröden (Südtirol): Fahrt vom Grödner Joch ins Thal. Nach photogr. Aufnahmen von Emil Terschak gezeichnet von Ernst Platz"




Slites da nadel a Urtijei - Weihnachtsschlitten in Sankt Ulrich - Slittata natalizia a Ortisei

A story at Christmas in Gröden

The meadows of Mont Seuc with the Langkofel - Sasslong

Lagkofel - Sasslong - Sassolungo

Plattkofel - Sassplatt - Sassopiatto

An English engraving with a view of the Plattkofel - Sassplatt

An other superb woodcut by Richard Puetner 1880 ca.

Die Seisser Alp mit dem Langkofl. Originalzeichnung von R. Puetter"

Montseuc - Seiseralm -  Alpe di Siusi by Puettner

Montseuc -Seiseralm -Alpedi Siusi

The beauty of engravings and...computers is the clearness of the drawing and the artists skill in his trace evidenced by hi magnification

Lithographs were not as detailed as steel or woodcuts but very smooth. This one is by Gustav Seelos (1831 - 1911) a railway engineer.

Der Platt - und der Langkofel (Ansicht von der Seiser - Alpe.)

gez. v. Gust. Seelos - Lith Anstalt v. J.B. Kiene Bozen "

Seiseralm - Alpe di Siusi - Montseuc by Seelos


by R. Schuster

from Hörmann, Wanderungen durch Tirol und Vorarlberg - Kröner Stuttgard 1878

Schuster - Seiseralm - Alpe di Siusi - Mont de Seuc


Langkofelgruppe Gruppo del Sassolungo  Grohmann

The back side of the Langkofel group

Die Grohmannspitze in den Tiroler Dolomiten, von Sueden aus gesehen. Nach der Natur gezeichnet von E.T. Compton"

The Blattkogel, from the Sellajoch"

The Innerkofler and the Dent de Mezdi in the Langkofel Group

The Innerkofler and the Dent de Mezdi - La Punta Innerkofler ed il Dente di Mezdi nel gruppo del Sassolungo - Innerkofler und Zahnkofel in der Langkofelgruppe



Pisciadu - Val Setus

"Sentinel Crags of Pisada"

Peaks from the Gardena Pass towards the Val Setus


A storm over the hunters castle of Wolkenstein

Ciastel de Val - Vallunga in Val Gardena - Langental in Gröden

Hausiererin - Christusse aus Gröden

Two artists meet: an open air painter and a crucifix dealer

(Kunstgenossen. Originalzeichnung von Conrad Beckmann 1878

Costume della Val Gardena - Grödenr Trachten

The wealthy merchants from Val Gardena in their rich costumes 1880

This is an early aquarelle painted at age 14 from his home by Joseph Moroder Lusenberg

Urtijei da Jumbierch

Urtijei 1881

Idyllic Ortisei in 1881 in a woodcut by Richard Puettner



Ortisei - St. Ulrich in Gröden - Urtijei




The magnificent Langkofel in its stately way was considered from the climbers in the last century the most beautiful Dolomite peak...and it still is.

Detail of the centuries old houses in Sankt Jakob, in Ladin language: Sacun

Sacun cun  Saslonch - St. Jakob mit dem Langkofel - San Giacomo ed il Sassolungo


Raschötz - Resciesa - Rasciesa  = Val Gardena - Gröden

Panorama view from the Resciesa mountain 2278 m - Julius Ritter v. Siegl Munich 1887

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Selva tla nuet de S. Silvester

Fischburg - Caspel Prebenda - Ciastel

Wolkenstein - Selva in a romantic Silvester night


From Bildermappen fürs deutsche Haus - Hochland Stiftungsverlag Potsdam ca 1915 by Josephine Sturm


Ortisei (Dolomiten)

Ortisei (Dolomiten) Coverpage of a booklet by Karl Felix Wolff , G. Ferrari, Bolzano (1935?).

During fashism Ladin or German names were strictly forbidden

Oil painting by F. Lenhart Meran

Alpe di Siusi Seiseralm - F. Lenhart Meran

Ortisei e Val Gardena - St. Ulrich und Gröden 1939

La Val Gardena - G. Pellini 1939

Ortisei 1938

=rtisei 1938 - St. Ulrich 1938

old photographs

Val Gardena and its people

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