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by Wolfgang Moroder


Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio's official web site new

Giorgio's webpage by R. Demetz


All of Giorgios Discography and many links (The best fan club on Giorgio)

Synthetizer software


 A dream car this is the car developed by Giorgio and C.Zappoli CZ Moroder

CZ Moroder V16T

see the car

maybe it is a consumer's fetish but it is still a nice car (Photo courtesy by Bruno Flaim)

Magazine "Daniela"

Carola & Daniela Moroder
Read this magazine for women on the net

Architecture in the Alps

Joachim Moroder


Modern architecture in Tyrol


...and architecture in Madrid

Casa Moroder

An important monument in Madrid

"example of a single home architecture of the thirties"

Giorgio's architectural projects

The Moroder Millenium Pyramid and Towers

Sculptures - Ars Sacra

Unsere Pfarrkirche St. Nikolaus (Conrad Moroder)

Cathedral de la Plata in Buenos Aires (Leon Moroder)


Prof. Luis Moroder


Fetal Medicine

Dr. Wolfgang Moroder 

Prenatal diagnosis

Mano fetale

Click to see the peace of intrauterine life



Dr. Ruth Moroder Tischler


Dr. Egon Moroder


Violin maker and restorer

Igor Moroder

Constructor of violins

Violins by Moroder Igor


Petra Moroder

Nangano winter olympics and many more (look here with "petra moroder")

Karin Moroder

bronze medal in Nangano Olympic games


Azienda Agricola Moroder
Alessandro e Serenella Moroder

The Moroder in Valencia Spain

Carlos Moroder

Go to Carlo's nicely designed homepage to view the history of the Moroder Family in Spain



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