The Moroder Family

The origins: Stritament per l'arpejon dla puscions de Scurcia' 1549 AD. Moroders quarrel over an inheritance.

family crest

drawings copyright by Egon Moroder Rusina (Feel free to download this crest but please leave a message at the guestbook. For a tiff file ask on the guestbook )



Durni or God or both by Egon Moroder Rusina

Egon Moroder Rusina

Ludwig Moroder de Lenert (Bera Ludwig)

Crist by Ludwig Moroder dl Meune


St. Elisabeth in Ortisei by Rudolf Moroder Lenert

Rudolph Moroder Lenert

with sons Siegfried (in the dome in Grado there is a beautyful pieta') and Rudolph Moroder Rudolfine

Leo Moroder Doss

Buenos Aires

Cristo - Crist  Leo Moroder Doss

Vinzenz Morder Resciesa

Vinzenz Moroder Resciesa

Josef Moroder Lusenberg (bera Sepl da Jumbierch)

oilpainting of old man by Josef Moroder Lusenberg


Aurelia Moroder Langer

Murfreit y Sass dla biesces

Otto Moroder - Mayerhofen

Three ladies carved in wood 31x24x13


Johann Baptist Moroder

Ulrich Moroder da Scurcià

Uli Moroder

Raimund Mureda (Moroder)

Chei de GO (Gottfried)

Gottfried, David, Roland, Rudi

Moroder Fini


there are many more, the list is incomplete, please kindly write on the guestbook your information to update

many more (look in the Benezit)

Our greatest celebrity

taa taa... Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio's car and


here in Wolfgang's home Giorgio made his first recordings with Alex when it was still a dusty attic. Alex says the recordings where never good enough ...


The dorico made by Alessandro & Serenella in Montacuto is one of the finest in Italy,

you can't have a better wine with a chamois filet.


The Moroders in Bariloche - Argentina....Yeahh

If someone out there knows it, report the link in the messagebook!


Moroders in Spain were ... would you believe it ? some of the greatest match producers in Europe.


Are you aware of the Moroder's Book ? Moroders history since the 13th century with the huge family tree, genealogic tables and hundreds of pictures (420 pages).

for sale (80.000 Lire - about 60$ nominal fee) just leave a message on the guestbook, you will be contacted immedaitly

Moroder's book


Ed,Joanna and Betty Maroder from Palo Alto often visit Urtijei to breathe some moroder air.

The Moroder family is today the largest family in the town of Urtijei counting some 350 members out of a total population of 4000.

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