Joseph Moroder Lusenberg

1846 - 1939

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St. Ulrich Ortisei in a litho by J. Burgauner 1856, watercolored by Josef Moroder Lusenberg.


An early watercolor painting from his home at age 14


Drawing of Ludwig Moroder dl Meune sculptor at age 20 in 1899



Josef Moroder da Costamula 1799 - 1876

in a magnificent drawing by the Lusenberger in 1866



His cousin and brother in law Franz Moroder Lenert

1898 in Carlsbad Bohemia

Franz Moroder Lenert in Karlsbad 1898 - Skizze des Josef Moroder Lusenberg


The artists sister Marianna Moroder married to Franz Moroder da Lenert

Notice the same eyes as brother Josef


Franz Moroder da Lenert




sketch from a Rembrandt painting

Interior of farmhouse Luca - (49x33) cm

Maria Pia Moroder his dead nice

a view from the Lusenberg garden (16x12 cm)

old man from Val Gardena (18x25 cm).

The living room in the painters house JumbiŽrch - oil on wood (21x15,5 cm.)

Music in a Tyrolean - Val Gardena home

Sketch possibly for the main altar of the parish church of St. Ulrich - Ortisei.

Portrait of his first wife Annamaria Senoner

Paesant girl (1892 - 45x33 cm)

Farmhouse Puent in St. Ulrich - Ortisei (1912 - 45x38 cm).

Farmhouse (La Mauta) in Urtijei(1978 - 36x28 cm).

fountain (37x28 cm)

Fence in the woods

Old man in Tyrolean costume (33x25 cm)

Fortune Teller - Wahrsagerin -indovina. Not signed and not dated - from the family of the artist.

Saint Elisabeth.

Old lady 1892 (35x27,5 cm) .

People resting in the woods


Farmhouse (Costa de sot) in Urtijei.

Sketch in the woods



Joseph Moroder and his family in a photo

Markus Vallazza e Gert Ammann su Lusenberger (italiano)

Markus Vallazza und Gert Ammann über den Lusenberger (deutsch)

Giovanni Testori: Lo sconosciuto di Ortisei - Corriere della Sera

A documentary on Josef Moroder Lusenberg by Lucio Rosa and Eva Gadner (2009)

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