Joseph Moroder Lusenberg

1846 - 1939

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St. Ulrich Ortisei in a litho by J. Burgauner 1856, watercolored by Josef Moroder Lusenberg (63 x 47,6 cm.).


An early watercolor painting from his home at age 14


Drawing of Ludwig Moroder dl Meune sculptor at age 20 in 1899



Josef Moroder da Costamula 1799 - 1876

in a magnificent drawing by the Lusenberger in 1866



His cousin and brother in law Franz Moroder Lenert

1898 in Carlsbad Bohemia (11 x 17,3 cm.)

Franz Moroder Lenert in Karlsbad 1898 - Skizze des Josef Moroder Lusenberg


The artists sister Marianna Moroder married to Franz Moroder da Lenert

Notice the same eyes as brother Josef


Franz Moroder da Lenert




sketch from a Rembrandt painting (8,2 x 10,6 cm)

Interior of farmhouse Luca - (49x33) cm

Maria Pia Moroder his dead nice (18,5 x 26 cm.)

a view from the Lusenberg garden (16x12 cm)

old man from Val Gardena (18x25 cm).

The living room in the painters house JumbiŽrch - oil on wood (21x15,5 cm.)

Music in a Tyrolean - Val Gardena home (115 x 87 cm.)

Sketch possibly for the main altar of the parish church of St. Ulrich - Ortisei.

Portrait of his first wife Annamaria Senoner (16,5 x 22,5 cm.)

Paesant girl (1892 - 45x33 cm)

Farmhouse Puent in St. Ulrich - Ortisei (1912 - 48,5 x 35 cm).

Farmhouse (La Mauta) in Urtijei(1978 - 36x28 cm).

fountain (37x28 cm)

Fence in the woods (36 x 28 cm.)

Old man in Tyrolean costume (33x25 cm)

Fortune Teller - Wahrsagerin -indovina. Not signed and not dated - from the family of the artist (78 x 56 cm).

Saint Elisabeth (11,5 x 14,3 cm.).

Old lady 1892 (28,3 x 36,5 cm) (35x27,5 cm) .

People resting in the woods (23,2 x 22 cm.)


Farmhouse (Costa de sot) in Urtijei (36,5 x 28 cm.).

Sketch in the woods (37 x 47 cm.)



Joseph Moroder and his family in a photo

Markus Vallazza e Gert Ammann su Lusenberger (italiano)

Markus Vallazza und Gert Ammann über den Lusenberger (deutsch)

Giovanni Testori: Lo sconosciuto di Ortisei - Corriere della Sera

A documentary on Josef Moroder Lusenberg by Lucio Rosa and Eva Gadner (2009)

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