Alois Kostner (Luis moler)

Alois Kostner dl Pertan - Luis moler

b. 8.5.1856 - d. 29.5.1918*

married 23.4.1883 Johanna Stuflesser de Petlin *

bearer of the papal medal "Pro Ecclesia et Pontefice"



His mother Sefa dala Cazines

used to live at Planaces in the center of town

Sefa dala cazines

The Kostner Family

standing fltr: Giuani (called also Bismark), my grandmother Marianna, Ferdinand (he was known for the greek and...italian alphabet)

sitting fltr: Stuflesser Giuana (da Petlin... suffered from facial palsy) Ciska, Engl (dentist: his most prominent clients where Pope John XXIII and Modugno) and Alois.

There home was the old house Pertan (in this picture probably taken by Alois Kostner who was a Photographer himeself as many painters at that time).


Alois Kostner da Pertan


As a boy he came from La Ila Val Badia to Urtijei where he learned the art of painting woodcarved statues (Fassmahler). He had a workshop with a few dozens of artisans and painted the huge wooden altars manufactured mainly by the family of his wife (Stuflesser da Petlin) and exported to the whole world.


Pittori nell' 800 - Mahlerwerkstätte in St. Ulrich in Gröden


Painting by Alois Kostner

Letters from America


copies of these letters were sent to me by Norbert Dejaco from Kentucky in the year 2001 after he contacted me on this family website. The letters were written from Luis Kostner my great-grandfather to Franz Dejaco his great-grandfather. They originated from the same valley (Val Badia) and were dear friends as you can read from these letters...




Ciastel de Alois Kostner - Burg von Alois Kostner - Castello di Alois Kostner


click here for the copies of the original letters



Moments of his life


Passo Gardena - Grödner Joch - Jeuf de Frea

Passo Gardena - Grödner Joch - Jeuf de Frea

Uemes de Chemun a Urtijei - Gemeinderäte in St. Ulrich - Consiglio comunale di Ortisei

On the Gardena Pass

On the Gardena Pass

The town council


Pilgrim in Jerusalem - Pellegrino a Gerusalemme - Pilger in Jerusalem

Alois Kostner 's pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Jerusalem


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