Prof. Ludwig Moroder dl Meune

1879 - 1953

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Teacher at the Art School of Ortisei in 1936

From left: Pepi Moroder da Jumbierch, Carlo Perathoner da Palmer,Herrmann Moroder de Gottfried, Prof. Alcide Tico' Director, Prof. Ludwig Moroder, a foreign student, Franz Delago Tapl, his son Pauli Moroder


His Works


Drawing (1894) of Marianna Perathoner Lenert, his future wife's grandmother, my grand-grand-grandmother

Mariana Perathoner de Lenert

Franz Moroder de Lenert

The artists father in low, Franz Moroder de Lenert one of the first fighters to preserve the Ladin language (drawing on 25.11.1911 on a postcard sent to his future wife Adele, daughter of Franz).

portait of Mariana Moroder da Jumbierch, his mother in low, wife of Franz Moroder de Lenert and sister of Josef Moroder Lusenberg

Maria Moroder Lusenberg

Drawing after Leonardo da Vinci

after Leonardo da Vinci

Munighes te Gherdeina - Klosterfrau in Groeden - Suora in Val Gardena

These were the nuns in the hospice of Ortisei



drawing on a postcard




Christian Grossrubatscher and Marainna Schmalzl dl Pech

Cristian Grossrubatscher y Marainna Schmalzl dl Pech


early work at age 17

datail 1

detail 2

Pieta3, late gothic an early work ca 1900

Pieta' tardogotica - Spaetgotische Pieta




Crocifissione di Lodovico Moroder Lenert - Kreutzigungsgruppe des Ludvig Moroder Lenert

after Riemenschneider

Crucifiction after Riemenschneider



SS. Ludvig and Adele

The Holy Adele and Ludwig

Pieta' in the soldiers chapel Ortisei


Sain Paul

Saint Paul in Ortisei's parish church

Mother in costume with child and cat signed 1919

<>Eila cun guant dala Gherdeina - Donna in costume gardenese - Mutter in Grödnertacht

<>Dipinto da Cristiano Delago dl Tuene - Gefasst von Christian Delago Tuene


Ludwig van Beethoven

John Baptist

Giovanni Battista - Johannes der Täufer - John Baptist

Bera Ludvig Moroder dl Meune

I remember my grandfather exactly like this, with the smell of the "toscanello" sigar. He died when I was 6 years old and I remember the funeral very well as a big happening.

Family album

Biography (Italian)

Biographie (German - PDF File)

Mein Lebenslauf (German)




Ludwig Moroder book

Book on his artwork: purchase at the Museum de Gherdeina - Urtijei (here)


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