Prof. Ludwig Moroder dl Meune

1879 - 1953




at age 20 in a drawing by Josef Moroder Lusenberg one of his teachers

Group of sculptors and artists from Ortisei October 1937 .

From left seated: Ludwig Moroder Meune, Vinzenz Peristi Banch, Arturo Tanesini podesta; August Runggaldier Furdenan; Luis Pezzei

From left in the back: Luis Senoner Tinderla, Luis Piazza Cudan; Luis Insam Levijantone; Carlo Crepaz Maidl; Luis Kostner Slejuc; Albin Mussner Zorz; Vinzennz Moroder Resciesa


Ludwig and his wife Adele with their children from left: Pauli, Alex, Mariele, Carlo.

From left: Pauli, Mariele, Alex, Carlo

from left: Carlo, Pauli, Mariele and husband Franz Runggaldier Furdenan, Alex


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