our mountains by Aurelia Moroder Langer

The daughter of the Lusenberger, painter of thousends of photograms and of easter eggs

please click on the thumbnails to have a splendid vision of Aurelias painted Photographs


the most classical view of the Sasslonch - Langkofel group as you see it in Polanski's "Dance of the vampires"

Sasslonch d' inviern




Mont de Seuc

dreaming of long hikes on the Mont Seuc - Seisseralm


Murfreit and Sass dla biesces on the Sella group

Murfreit and Sass dla Biesches on the Sella Group

Mont de Seuc - Seisseralm - Alpe di Siusi

time dies on Mont Seuc

The bastions of Stevia

Stevia da Mastle

Dlieja da Sacun - St. Jakob - chiesa di San Giacomo a Ortisei

The antique church of Saint Jacob in Ortisei

The Fermedes powerful giants in an untouched wilderness of rock and beauty


Schlern im Sommer - Scilier d' insta'

The splendid Scilier - Schlern, mountain of gods and old prechristian rites


and again the Scilier in a "cozy" winter day

Scilier d' inviern - Schlern im Winter - Sciliar d' inverno

Scikier - Schlern - Sciliar

or with magnifiscent flowers

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