Photographs of towns, landscape and people in Val Gardena - Groeden (1870 - 1910)

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Urtijei - Ortisei - St. Ulrich

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Urtijei late 1890 with Villa Martiner and Hotel Adler under construction

Urtijei late 1890

Ortisei - St. Ulrich

Ortisei - St. Ulrich

An view taken by the meranese photographer Johannes

the elegant center of town

Old Urtijei from photographer Johann - Meran

Center of town with old Hotel Adler, Posta and school

S. Anton from an other photographer from Bozen Gugler 1910

View to teh west - Gugler 1910

Ortisei - St. Ulrich in Gröden - Urtijei  1910 - Gugler

Ortisei - St. Ulrich in Gröden - Urtijei  1910 - Gugler

Enlargment of the parish church in 1905

Vedl Pertan the house, near the church bought by my grand-grandfather Luis Moler

dlieja ngrandida

Vedl pertan y 'l puent de Pana

There was skiing

The sleds used on festivities to show around with the precious Val Gardena costumes

Skiing on Mont Seuc

'n slita da Trebe ite

more sleds

a fudle': a kitchen with open fire and open chimney ( I remember two in the old houses of Nudrei and Cudan)

Parade sleds in Ortisei probably 1908

Fudle: kitchen with open fire

and ...weddings (marriage of the owner of Hotel Post)

Festivity in Val Longia

Magnificent wedding

Festa te Val

Sculptors Vigilio Dorigo und Ingenuin Demetz 1905

Emil Terschak on the mount Resciesa - photo by E. Terschak

Demetz and Dorigo


Old costumes

Costumes in the center of Ortisei

Vedla trochtes de Gherdeina

N slita a Urtijei

Romance in Urtijei

old happyness (The Vogelweide group) in San Piere de Lajon

Giuani da Lener y Metilda Stuflesser

Vogelweide  Musikgruppe in St. Peter


The official opening of Rifugio Firenze - Regensburger Hütte

Rifugio Firenze -Regensburger Hütte

Grand opening

St. Christina in Val Gardena 1924

Fischburg St. Christina 1924 - Castel Prebenda e Santa Cristina 1924

Santa Cristina Val Gardena

St. Christina in Val Gardena 1890

The Castle of Wolkenstein - Photograph by Gugler Bozen 1914

Santa Crestina, S. Cristina Valgardena, St. Christina

Ciastel de Val - Castello Wolkenstein in Vallunga - Schloss Wolkenstein im Langental

Franz Moroder de Lenert with his family visiting the Silvester chapel in Selva

Franz moroder de Lenert in Val (Selva Valgardena)

Franz moroder de Lenert in Val (Selva Valgardena)

Luis Kostner (Luis Moler) and his brother in low Ferdinand Stuflesser Petlin calling in Waidbruck - Ponte Gardena. Photo by Franz Dantone (1839 - 1909) (detail)

on the road to S. Christina when also bad weather can be be romantic.

Luis Moler y Ferdinand Stuflesser Petlin a Ciastel

Old 1800 Photo Val Gardena in Winter

Photocroms from Photoglobe in Zuerich

Photoglobe colorprint. View of Ortisei from Pinei

Photoglobe colorprint of Ortisei


Val Gardena as it was

more photographs 1898 ca.

in 3 dimensions




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