Photographs from Val Gardena - Groeden

Photographs from glass plates which were used in the last century as negatives. From these plates there are no prints because they were considered of a bad quality and therefor have never been printed. That makes them more interesting because inedited with great subjects. There is a lot of computerwork involved to make these photographs readable. Mostly they are underexposed or the people on it did not stand still enough since the exposure times to take pictures on these plates were very long. It seems that these pictures were not taken by a professional photographer but since the Moroder Family of Lenert had ateliers for wood sculptures they used to take pictures by themselves. That is the reason why these plates never printed are in posession of my family.



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The Moroders from Lenert

Adele Moroder in her garden at Lenert

Adele Moroder de Lenert

Anda Adele Moroder y si fredesc


scenes from mountain life

Pulling stones on sleds near St. Jakob - Sacun

Sledrun in St Christina

Sacun in Val Gardena

Santa Cristina in Val Gardena


From my grandma's house Lenert in a snowy winter ca 1890

Lenert a Urtijëi con nëif 1890 ca.

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