Alex Moroder da Lenert


was the son of Ludwig Moroder and Adele Moroder (Moroders on both sides).

My father Alex The chief organizer of the Moroder Family Reunion has been working for 30 years together with Edgar Moroder and many other Moroders on the Moroders Family book.

Every year he wears his costume as the Hl. Nikolaus on December 5th for the enjoyment of his 7 grandchildren (Corinna, Tessa, Beatrix, Vanessa, Arianna, Christopher and Medea)


His curriculum vitae written in his native tongue, Ladin

Interview with Ingrid Runggaldier on fascism, nazism and war

  • Ladin

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  • Alex proud with his two daughters Ulrike (l.) and Ruth (r.) in their typical tyrolean costumes


    With his family at the 80th birthday party 2003

    Alex moroder 80 ani - Alex Moroder 80. Geburtstagsfeier


    Awarded with the "Verdienstmedaille des Landes Tirol"

    Innsbruck August 15, 1999

    with Luis Durnwalder and Wendelin Weingartner

    Alex Moroder, Luis Durnwalder, Wendelin Weingartner

    Alex Moroder climbing Lagazuoi

    Alex Moroder on Mount Rosa

    Alex 2001 3. Sellaturm - Alex 2001 terza Torre del Sella

    Alex Moroder - dritter Sellaturm 2001- terza torre del Sella 2001

    Alex on a 3rd-4th

    grade ascent of the

    Lagazuoi on

    September 1999

    on Mount Rosa

    3rd Sella Turm 2001

    3rd Sella Turm

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