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the origin

If you like the glaciers and mountains (Photo courtesy by Bruno Flaim) in Tyrol, this is a place to visit: " The Dolomites have all...the best mountain walking in the world" from International Travel News 5/98. A paradise for skiing and for hiking.

Val Gardena - Gröden - Gherdeina

The mythical Val Gardena did it all

Ortisei - St. Ulrich - Urtijei

Urtijei/Ortisei is the cradle of the family

our language the Ladin - Raetoromanc

a peculiar language of the Alps deriving from Latin

Sunset in the Dolomites

the family

The Moroder Family

In old Europe we still have these things

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my oldies

Anda Rusina Vinazer


Drawing by Rusina Vinazer

Rusina as an artist

Our great-grandmama's "Anda Rusina" shop.

Unfortunately my grand lady Rusina Vinazer (1839-1905) probably from the Vinazer artists family (adequate research has not yet been done) preferred to do business instead of continuing developing her skills as an artist. I never finish to admire the work she did at art school under Prof. Sotriffer. This "strong "woman" was a typical woman of Val Gardena where most of the prosperity was and probably still is due to women's labour, skill and intelligence.


some more ancestors


Alois Kostner (Luis Moler) and his pilgrimage to Jerusalem 1898 (go to that historical page)

Franz Moroder a men without fear, fighting for the preservation of the ladin language


Lava de Lenert (Adele Moroder) my granny,one of the first ladin writers, in her youth

Oma de Rusina (Mariana Kostner) other granny , daughter of Luis Moler , mother of Paula, took hold of the family business in 1931

Bera Sepl de Rusina the grandpa - he probably quit skiing when his belly was this size

Bera Ludwig dl Meune other granpa renown art teacher in the Art School for Wood Sculptures in Ortisei


Stammbaum Wolfgang Moroder albero genealogico

download: detail

my parents masters of hiking and skiing

Alex Moroder

preserver of antique Val Gardena traditions

Paula Grossrubatscher

see pictures from old skiing days and climbing

Please come and visit my house - welcome to Wolfgang's family

Villa Rosenheim was build by Rusina Vinazer in 1887. The town was peaceful at those times. During Fascism (1930 AD) my grandpa had to change the name of the villa (German names where banned) to make it sound more Italian. He decided for Rusina her mothers christian name.

Move right into my sitting room . Arianna likes to welcome you

Gabriella .......Arianna (the sweet) .........Tessa (the coolest) ....... Wolfgang

family album

Tessa (visit her homepage) feels sometimes like that.

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There was always a thin thread of (healthy) madness in my family

visit our house-artist my brother

Egon Moroder Rusina


Egon Moroder Rusina (Dornröschen)

mailbox and guest book

We would love to have some mail from you in English, German, Italian or French

maybe some of you could write in Ladin - Raetho-Romanc our language of origin.


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